20 February 2015


We all look for credit in our lives. Credit for an idea, for helping out or for just being a good friend. It can be difficult when we think we're being over looked.

I've been struggling with the idea of receiving credit for what I do. I know I should probably just let it go and enjoy the fact that other people are benefiting from my ideas and work. However sometimes I just want a little credit, and a little recognition. I've really been struggling with this since I returned to Green Bay, and have yet to find a way to handle it. However, I'm going to try my best.

I'm weird in that I like receiving recognition but it's a little embarrassing for me at the same time. The past four weeks have been frustrating, and I think if I received the credit I've been looking for I would gladly accept it. As a student most everything I do is to land a job out of college (#realtalk) yet I truly enjoy everything I participate in. I'm currently so frustrated that I'm not enjoying myself, and I really need to get over it or say something. Sometimes I wish there was a handbook for situations like these.

This weekend give yourself credit for everything you do and #treatyoself to something. Have a glass of wine, watch a couple episodes of your favorite shows, buy some discounted chocolate on Sunday or just relax for an hour.

After you treat yourself text a friend, email a professor or supervisor, or take out a family member and compliment them. Give them credit for everything they do, and encourage them to pass it on.

How do you handle not receiving credit?

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