18 February 2015

Black All Over

As a sorority woman, I own a lot of black because of ritual and other events. Other than the fact that black is fabulous, it's also really easy to coordinate for date night. MB doesn't like "clashing" with me, so whenever we have to go out, I try and wear black so it's easier for him to find a dress shirt to match me.

This dress is perfect for ritual, or a night out with my man!

Dress: the Limited// Earrings: the Limited// Bracelet: Target// Heels: Nordstrom 

I keep the jewelry really simple, just some drop earrings and a chain link bracelet from Target. I love the detailing on this dress, especially because I don't need a necklace. I think the next time I wear this I will pull my hair half-back, to highlight my earrings more! Unfortunately all of these pieces are older, but I wanted to highlight a favorite outfit of mine, and to show you some cheaper places to find great pieces! 

Are you in a sorority? How much black do you need?


PS I know I'm not in any of these pics, but with my schedule and my photographer's it's been impossible to find a time where there is good light to take pictures!

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