04 February 2015

Solo Valentine's Day Ideas

This year once again I'm having a "solo" Valentine's day because MB can't make it up to Green Bay for the weekend. While it's definitely not a single's Valentine's day, I tend to get a little sad I can't be with my "sweetheart" on Valentine's day. Here are some of the best ideas (in my opinion) of what to do on Valentine's day if you're flying solo in the romance department.

Dinner & A Movie-- With the Girls// Being in a sorority means that there is almost always a group of women who are flying solo. It's a great way to get out and be distracted on Valentine's day. Watching a rom com is always much more fun with your girlfriends than significant other anyway! Treat yourself to a great dinner too.

Night In With Your Girls// Instead of spending more money than needed, pick a place and some movies to hang out with your girls. Pick a fun theme, like a potato bar, or a cookie dough bar! Everyone brings something, and you get a fun, low-cost distraction!

Facetime/Skype Date// If your s.o. is out of the city, schedule a quick FaceTime or Skype date! If your s.o. is just busy (or you're fabulously single) schedule a date with a friend who lives out of town!  It's a great excuse to catch up with a great friend!

Netflix Marathon// Can't find anyone to make plans with? Or not really in the mood to see couples? Set yourself up with some popcorn, an assortment of candy (& alcohol if of age) and pick a show to watch shamelessly. I would suggest Friends, Gossip Girl, House of Cards or Marco Polo.

Volunteer// See if there is any place you can volunteer and give back to your community! Grab some friends or go solo, and spread the love by giving back!

Family Time// If you live anywhere near family, see if they can't get together for a board game night or dinner! It's a great way to spend time with your loved ones!

What are your plans for V-Day? Flying solo or do you have a cute date?

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