25 March 2015

Where to Look for a Summer Job

There are many different reasons why you might be looking for a summer job, so here are some great places to look for a seasonal summer job!


Your City's Park Department// Cities and counties have lots of programs for kids during the summer,which means that they need people to supervise those kids. You could teach a sport or just hang out with kids. These jobs are great because management only expects you to work that summer! Another place to work with kids is at your local YMCA or daycare center.

Seasonal Businesses// Look for a small ice cream shop or boat rental business. They need extra hands during their busy season, and you can be that person. Once again this is great because you aren't expected to work past the end of summer.

Chain Company// If you start working at a chain restaurant, coffee chain or store that has a location in or near you hometown as well as in your college town you may be able to transfer locations. While interviewing make sure you make your commitment to continue working at their stores.

Nanny or Personal Assistant// This may seem a little out of the box, but they can be very rewarding jobs! Look for these jobs in the classifieds or online on craigslist. DISCLAIMER: Please take every precaution when meeting people. Take a friend, meet in a public place, and let multiple people know where you're going to be and have a check in time. It sounds extreme, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

On Campus:

Facilities// One of the least glamorous jobs, but it can pay really well. You could be on the team for residence life or the general campus since summer is normally the time that deep cleaning and special projects are completed.

Residence Life// A lot of campuses host camps or have residents that stay over summer. They may need counselors or summer resident assistants to assist. Look for them on your resident's life webpage!

Normal Campus Jobs// Many places on campus still need to operate, and if they don't have enough student workers who plan on sticking around, they may need your help! Check out your campus job board or ask your friends who work on campus.

Where are you working this summer? Favorite summer job you've had?


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