08 April 2015

Oops! I Woke Up Late

How many of you have woken up late? (everyone raises their hand). While I don't normally accidentally wake up late, I tend to push my alarm out as far as possible. This sometimes leaves me scrambling for an outfit and breakfast before I have to run out the door.

In order to take some guess work out of what to wear in the morning, here are some outfit ideas and food options when you're running late!

What to Wear:

Button Down// The perfect way to look polished in a second. Throw on your favorite button down, some pearls, jeans and a pair of flats! It's a quick and easy outfit that doesn't require too much thought!

Maxi Dress// My striped maxi from Gap is a blessing on days I need to book it. I throw on that, my jean jacket and converse and run out the door. It looks put together and it's easy to throw on.

Jeans & A T-Shirt// This may seem like a simple solution, but it's a good one.There's no need to reinvent the wheel . Your favorite v-neck, a simple necklace, jeans and Sperry's still looks effortlessly chic.

What to Eat: 

Protein Bar// If you need a quick breakfast grab a protien bar on your way out. It should keep you full until you have time to grab something else!

Smoothie// Since you saved so much time on your outfit, make a quick green smoothie to go. Add protein or fiber to fill you up.

Cereal://When in doubt, grab a baggie of cereal. Is the most healthy? Nope but you need some brain food.

Hair & Make-up
Hair Ideas// Find one of these hair ideas you like to do, and go! The bun seems pretty easy.

Make-Up// These 5-minute make up tips should help you look put together!

Keep these tips in mind the next time you forget to set an alarm!



  1. I'm constantly waking up late and running out the door, and I always find that putting my outfit the night before really speeds along that process!

    Pick Your Beau

    1. I try and do the same things! But there are some nights it just doesn't happen ya know?