06 April 2015

Senior Year Bucket List

I think I might finally be able to admit I'm a senior. As I start the second half of my spring semester I'm starting to realize all of the lasts that are about to happen. I just had my last spring break as a student, I'll be volunteering at some of my favorite events for the last time, and I will be attending the last of my favorite sorority traditions.

In order to combat some of my nostalgia, I have put together a senior bucket list!

My campus is breath-taking. 

  • Attend my last spring formal 
  • Take a picture with my entire sorority family 
  • Take pictures with my pledge class 
  • Participate in an inter-mural sport 
  • Take a walk through the arboretum in fall. 
  • Find the perfect dress for senior tea
  • Attend Fall Ball with MB (For the 1st and only time) 
  • Go out with KG & JP (once I'm 21) 
  • Celebrate one of my little's 21st birthdays!
  • Attend at least one women's and one men's basketball game
  • Participate in one last induction ceremony
  • Complete two more internships 
  • Pull an actual all nighter 
  • Take a road trip to someplace outside of WI
  • Celebrate my 21st birthday in style 
  • Visit MB in Des Moines one last weekend (where we don't have things planned separately) 
  • Attend a Packer Game 
  • Attend a Green Bay Gamblers Game (hockey) 
  • Have my siblings stay over one night to "bond" before I move out completely 
  • Visit SB in Colorado 
  • Visit AD in Chicago
  • Attend the PRSSA National Conference 
  • Spend an entire evening out with JP going to Starbucks, Target & Noodles
  • Go to Bay Beach (local amusement park) 
  • Half-Off Apps with some of my favorite Greeks 
  • Volunteer at Walk A Mile 
  • Participate in the Color Run

What's on your bucket list? How are you dealing with all of the emotions that come with being a senior?


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