01 April 2015

Surviving the End of the Semester

Yes. I said it. We are almost to the end of the semester. While this may surprise many of you, it may also send others into panic mode. Here are some tips to get you and your agenda through the next couple of weeks.

Know Your Deadlines// Write every due date down, soft or hard. Know your deadlines and prepare accordingly. More preparation = less stress.

Plan Out Your Days// Instead of trying to squeeze everything in, make a flexible schedule of your day and when you want to get things done. Don't try to squeeze productivity out of every last moment, make sure to schedule down time which includes time with friends!

Prioritize// Yes everything is important, but what absolutely has to be done before you get your 7-8 hours of sleep? Get that done first then move on to other tasks.

Know Your Goals// Write down your goals and post them in your workspace. That could be on your desk, in your agenda or even in your kitchen.

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