30 March 2015

Everyday Pearls March 22nd!

There is no such thing as easing back into spring break! This past week was so much fun though, and it's nice to get back into my routine. Since being back I've put extra emphasis on my health. Working out regularly and eating healthy are huge. I'm also managing my time better in order to sleep more.

Here's what I've been up!

We went to a trampoline park to bond with our pledges this semester. You could say I had fun. 

My Little #2 EK! Love this girl, she's so sassy and driven! 

Selfie Central on my way to see Scotty McCreary
My grand little! Love her!

Badgers in the Final Four! 

Waiting for Scotty (we just HAD to get there early)

This woman is really my everything. My best friend, roommate and favorite date!

#TSM Very white girl with our letters, starbucks and (not pictures) leggings. 

My two littles, we volunteered together at the Great Bunny Train Sunday morning!

Cutest bunny ever. With one of the cutest littles ever. 

Have you ever seen the show Greek? We do it for the children. (Please tell me someone got that reference!) 

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  1. OMG I'm obsessed with the show Greek! It's so good!