21 February 2013

Pinterest Picks of the Week

I have an addiction to Pinterest! It is a bit of a problem, and MB and KG thought I should give it up for Lent.
That has not happened.
Here are the four pins that I loved this week. 

1. Coral Dress: I would have given you the link to this, but I couldn't find the link to the actual dress!But, this makes me think of spring! I can not wait to wear dresses again, capris and t-shirts everyday! This dress may just be perfect for my spring formal, but I don't know what the theme is yet!
2.Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries: Doesn't this look delicious? I was thinking this would be a perfect desert for a spring time brunch! I love strawberries and cheesecake, perfect combination!
3.Emma Stine Mint Audrey Earnings: How perfect are these for spring in general? These beautiful earnings would compliment any spring out! They may be a little out of my price range right now however!
4.Vera Wang Lavender Flats: These are so adorable! It is perfect for a cute spring dress or skirt. I might even wear these with jeans once the weather warms up.
How do you like these picks? I will have more next week!
Who's ready for Friday? I sure am!

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