21 February 2013

Organizational Tips! Planner Edition

Happy Thursday everybody!
 As a freshman in college, I have worked really hard to find an organizational system that works well for me.  After 3 different planners, I finally found one that I love to use!
I may have started using it a semester late, but it is really really useful! 
First, every Sunday I go through all my syllabi and  write down what is due for each day, and what I need to get done in terms of other projects each week
Then I write down each day what I should do for the next day.

Here is an example, this week wasn't too bad, but my other weeks will most likely get a lot more crazy!

Next I go through and list any exams/papers/projects and any special events! ZOT probably has the most space on my calender right now!
Also, I love the stickers they give you! I have already used like 1/2 of them
I take a little more time then others do for college agendas, and I make myself do more than the assigned homework such as rereading notes, and making flashcards because I take my schoolwork very seriously! 
Needless to say, I don't always have time for fun, but I do love to enjoy myself with movie nights, coffee house dates and random adventures!
How do you organize? Is there anything you want me to explain about my own study habits?

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