17 February 2013

Sunday Six!

Every Sunday I have decided that I am going to highlight six things such as events, what I'm going to need or what I really want this week!
1.Otterbox Defender Case: I love my iPhone 4s, and because of my history with phones, it has rarely seen day light.  I have had two different cases, this is my second and it is the reason that my phone still looks new. If you are looking for a nice case this is definitely the one the get! I have thrown mine, dropped it off my lofted bed and on concrete. It is basically "Ashley" proof. They also make cases for Android phones!
2. Starbucks Frappuccinos: Tired? Need a little pick me up? No time to wait for actual coffee? This is your friend! All of the cafe's on my campus sell them, and I like the Mocha's personally because they are the least calories, with all of the taste. It is a perfect pick me up, especially Monday's and Wednesday's, which are my busiest days!
3. 27 days until Germany!: MB and I are going to Germany for our Spring day, and there are only 27 days left until we leave (not including today)! Seeing my good family friends and being in Europe is my motivation to do well in my classes! Also, I need to shop for my trip also. (shoes are the most important!)
4. Couch to 5k: I hate running. I mean despise it, but I am trying to be more healthy in general, and without a gym membership this summer, I am going to train to run a 5k with my mom and hopefully my best friend KG. I hope that I can learn to love running, because of how convenient it is!
5. Nivea Lip Balm: Seriously, this is my savior this winter. I bite my lip all the time, and it isn't a problem with this cold, dry weather (ick) because this stuff is great! I like the milk and honey, but haven't tried an other types of lip balm from them. 
6. Zeta Omega Tau: I don't even know why, but every week I start off looking forward to our Wednesday night meetings! Especially now that we have pledges, I want to get to know all the new girls and grow closer with all of my other sisters! Look out for a guest blog post for Your Sorority Sister about ZOT! 

There it is! My first Sunday Six! What do you think? What would you like me to highlight each week? 
Have a great week!

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  1. Ashley I love you so much and we are going to make our own Fappuccinos from my pinterest recipe. I cannot wait until we are roommates next year because we are going to cook together.