14 February 2013

Valentine's Day

This is not your typical Valentine's Day post!
My day is going to be hectic, with three classes, cookie selling for the American Heart Association and interviews for Rush Week with Zeta Omega Tau!
I have a large pile that needs to fit in my backpack including Valentine's for my sisters and my good friends ES, SP, SW (my roomie) and SA, plus all of my school supplies and nourishment!
MB and I exchanged gifts via snail mail, so my day will be filled with all of the wonderful people that have entered my life the past six months, which is perfectly okay with me! I've learned that Valentine's day isn't about your significant other (sorry MB:)) but also about all the people that make you feel loved every other day of the year!
Basically today will be a normal, hectic day of mine!

My day will be filled with Michael Buble, vintage Toby Keith, and maybe even some happy Taylor Swift songs (my guilty pleasure).

A little food for thought!
How are you spending Valentine's day??

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