26 July 2013

Guest Post: Emma Tilton

Ah! I am leaving the West Coast today for my sweet Midwest, and I have to admit my style is definitely more suited for the classy down South. 
One of my friends from Her Campus is going to be finishing this week of guest posting off for me with a cute outfit post! I love Emma's blog, and y'all should really check out her blog!

Collegiate Chic: A Guest Post by itsemmaelise

While my personal style doesn’t always reflect the preppy, Southern atmosphere that I grew up around, I believe there is still something to be said for wearing plaid or pearls, and channeling your inner Blair Waldorf every so often. With that in mind, I took to my most recent addiction…Polyvore.

Scholars Summit

I found this cotton dress on ModCloth, and it just screams “collegiate chic” in my opinion. A meeting of the minds with other intellectuals is always a bit more exciting when you’re wearing some cute, scholarly hues! This plaid number combines navy dignity with golden confidence, from its black-piped upper all the way down to its pleated skirt. For a cute twist, I styled this dress with some suede pumps and a thick, gold-chain necklace!

What are your favorite preppy chic looks? Let me know on Twitter! And don’t forget to check out my own blog, itsemmaelise!
<3 Em
She's amazing! I love this outfit, perfect for an internship or a formal lunch!
Even for a sorority tea or the weekly meetings!

Stay tuned for a recap of my trip this week!



  1. Love this outfit! It would be perfect for chapter meetings!

  2. Thanks for the guest post opportunity!