31 July 2013

Washington and Oregon Recap

Hump day, hump day:)
Here is a recap of my 10 day trip out to Oregon and Washington!

We started out July19th at 4:00 am. My younger brother actually woke up,got dressed, grabbed his bag and pillow and walked out to our Suburban and went back to sleep. We drove 17 hours that day all the way into Billings, Montana. The next day we drove to Pasco, Oregon.
Sunday we finally arrived in Canon Beach, OR after 2, 119 miles of driving. We spent the next 3 days surrounded by family!

Monday, we got up bright and early to go check out tide pools! My favorite species we got to see were the puffins, but they were so high up on Haystack Rock that you couldn't see them without a telescope!

Monday we walked around downtown Canon Beach, it was really quaint!
Tuesday some of the family got up at 6 and went clamming, I however did not because my bed was too warm!
 Tuesday we went Kayaking up the coast about 30 miles around an island in the middle of a bay. It was a lot of fun! Unfortunately, I got sun burn pretty badly, and part of me looked like I colored on myself with a red marker. Thank goodness for aloe. I had a great time and hung out with relatives I haven't really spoken to before.

Tuesday night we had our culminating banquet! I'm sure many of you are wondering what kind of reunion is this? 3 days long? Well it is a reunion for all of the descendents of my great great great- grandparents John & Anna. They had 8 children who lived long enough to have families. My siblings and I are fifth generation. This reunion was the 10th reunion we've had. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to know about my heritage, and know  a good portion of my family.

Wednesday morning we got up and drove to Seattle. We got to eat dinner with my mom's good friend, her husband and her one year old. My siblings and I had fun playing with her one year old who was adorable!

Thursday we explored Seattle, including the Space Needle, Monorail,  and Pike's Public Market.
Pikes Market was fun! We got peaches and cherries, fresh donuts and a picture with a scary looking fish. I also picked up this print for my dorm. We used to get t-shirts, but I think as I've grown up I appreciate some form of art more.

myself, my younger sister aVj & aRv my little brother (yes all of our names start with A) 

aVj & I in front of the original Starbucks!
That night we headed to Safeco Field to watch the Mariners play the Twins. While I'm a Brewers fan myself, my mom and grandparents are fans of the Twins. It was pretty fun!

We drove Friday and Saturday, stopping in southwestern Minnesota to visit my great-grandfather, and finally heading home Sunday morning. Sleeping in my own bed by myself was heaven!

A HUGE thank you to my blogging friends who guest blogged for me this past week! It was a huge time saver for me! 

Where have you been/going this summer? I have 29 days until I'm back at school. I am ready to go back to my life at school!

Stay tuned as to why you should read Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In


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