25 August 2013

First Day of School Oufit Inspiration

Sorry I've been MIA, I finished my internship, and I have attempted to start packing. Emphasis on the attempted. I have two fun surprises this week, so check back tomorrow and Thursday for sure!

Here are some first day of school outfit inspirations. I have some Pinterest inspiration and an outfit of my own. Even though my board is filled with fall inspired outfits, I know it is going to hot this next week for those who are starting this week!

(all of these pictures are via my Pinterest account)

 A cute pair of shorts and a chambray shirt with an adorable necklace is a perfect way to start off the school year. You don't want to be that annoying person who over dresses, but you want the professors to know you take their class seriously. The outfit below is perfect way to stay cool outside, and warm inside. Plus its just the perfect amount of summer!

Here is my first day of school outfit!

Good Luck!


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