20 August 2013

My Tote: Be Prepared!

Back to school! I know some schools down South have already started, but here in the Midwest we don't normally start school until the week before or after labor day. (normally)
I am ready to go back to school, mainly because my internship is over on Friday and most of my friends have left. 
10 days until move in! 
Here are some of my essentials when it comes to my tote

1// My tote is Longchamp in camel and I am in love with it. I have been using it since I returned from Germany (A very funny purchase story btw). It fits my Toshiba laptop, binders for class, agenda, iPad and food for the day!
2// An agenda. I use the Lilly Pulitzer Agenda , but last year I used the Vera Bradley Student Agenda, which was great too! My agenda is my life, and I have no idea what I would do without it!

3// Food. No joke, I need fuel during the day, so I tend to eat snacks through out the day instead of one big lunch. I usually have a salad with me too. (I am determined to eat healthy again this semester, this summer I've fallen off the wagon)

4// A "what if" bag. I have bobby pins, hair ties, gum, feminine  products, change, & headphones in here. I hope to get a Lilly iPhone charger so that I can charge my phone on the go!

5// iPad. It's basically a mini laptop, and I use it for various activities. Reading blogs, & checking on my own is easier to do on my iPad rather than my iPhone. I also have textbooks on my Kindle app, not all of them but enough for it to be useful!

6// A notebook: A little notebook is perfect for all of my thoughts, rather it be a todo list, blogging notes, or even something to ask MB next time we talk. (I have a lot of random ideas, and to remember to tell him all of them can be a challenge, but he's always a good sport) I was about to order one from May Designs that you can personalize, but I found one with a Jane Austen quote on it in a local boutique, so I had to go with that one! (PS Check out their journals, they have diet journals, address books, & budget journals!)

7// Pencil Bag, binders, & laptop. These are all basic school essentials, but I try to make them fun. I made Lilly print binder covers,( post later), and have a super cute pencil bag. My laptop is kind of boring, but I might be getting a monogrammed sticker or something for it. 

What do you carry with you at all times? Did I miss anything?


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  1. You can't forget your wallet! I always carry those basics: wallet, keys, & phone.