05 August 2013

Guest Posting & General Life Update

Hello, I have been super busy! I have like 18 days left of my internship and 25 days until GB! I am so excited! MB is home from camp (finally) and I actually have to start packing. Ew. 
Did I mention I have to say good -bye to some girlfriends who got me through a very interesting summer? 

I am beyond excited to go back to school, I miss my roomies, sisters and PR partner in crime. But having to pack is my nightmare. I didn't consider myself a pack rat until I came home from college. Why do I have an attachment to an FFA shirt? I wasn't even in FFA. These are questions that are constantly going through my mind as I mentally prepare to pack and leave. Again
(Disclaimer: Before moving to college, the biggest move of my life was my little sister aVj and I switching rooms with aRv. I dislike packing so much)

So enough about my dislike of packing, here are some guest posts I've done in the past week 

I still have one more coming!

How have your summer's been? What are you planning to do before you head back to school? I'm hoping for an afternoon out with my boy at the beach, lots of shopping, a nice dinner with my boy and with all of our friends!


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