04 August 2013

Purple & Pearl Goes Back To School: Dorm Room Essentials

Happy Sunday y'all! Yep it's time for school already, and if you haven't noticed stores stocking up for the school rush. Here is a new series called Purple and Pearl Goes Back to School.  I am going to start with Dorm Room Essentials. Here are some things I didn't think I was going to need, and ended up needing.

 Here are some fun ideas!
 Jewelry Dish by Belle in the City// I had no nice place to lay out my essentials in terms of jewelry, so I am going to make this! (At some point)
Brita Water Pitcher// The dorm's water? Ew! This is perfect for water to drink in the middle of the night, or even for water when you're too lazy to walk to the bubbler (water fountain).
Looseleaf & Colored Pencils// You never know when you'll need them for a project, or a late night study sess break.

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