31 January 2014

Goals Check-In #1

How has an entire month already passed? Here is my monthly goal check in. Remember my post from January 1st?
Well y'all are keeping me accountable so here it is. 

Eat Healthier & Work Out:  I definitely have created a healthy grocery list to use. I've stuck to it, and now all I have to do is stop eating a candy bar every time I get hungry in between class. I'm trying to remember to bring snacks, like apples and oranges. I've only worked out once, but it's because its been really cold! I have been making sure to take the stairs, and since it's been so cold I've been walking the tunnels my school has and that's longer. Also, my new apartment is a farther walk. So the working out is progressing more slowly than hoped.

Live in the Moment: This may have to wait until May. Seriously! Taking 18 credits, participating  in two orgs I love, working as a resident assistant, working at my other job, blogging, and maintaing relationships I love means I need to plan plan plan. There really isn't time to "live in the moment". I am enjoying everyone around me, so maybe that's the same thing?

Work on Blogging Skills: I think I'm doing great with this! I've stuck to my editorial calendar, and have been creating much better graphics. If you have any more feedback I would appreciate it!

Give 100%:  I think I'm doing this? I've been scheduling time for each activity. It seems to be working, everything is getting done sooner or later. My plan is to make sure I finish my todo list before my nightly phone call to MB. But the best laid plans of mice and men I suppose.

What do y'all think? Any suggestions? I really appreciate constructive criticism.

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