01 February 2014

Blogger Breakfast in Bed with Prep in Your Step!

Happy Saturday! Today I am linking up with Prep In Your Step and her Blogger Breakfast in Bed! 

my nightstand/dresser

1. What is the first thing you do on a lazy Saturday morning?
I would definitely say read through blogs and make coffee! I love being able to wake up slowly. 

I love waking up to a flower and a pic of MB and I!

2.What would your ideal breakfast be, don't forget the coffee?
Sugar muffins made by my mom or grandma, eggs and sausage made by my dad, and a huge cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer. I miss breakfast Sunday mornings the most when I'm at school!

My todo list is always ready on my desk! 

3. If you could have woken up this morning and been anywhere, where would it be?
Is it cheesy if I say where ever MB is? Preferably somewhere in Europe with a giant cup of coffee, a croissant and MB! 

4.What is your favorite instagram filter?
X-Pro 11! I like the way it looks on most of my pictures. If I even use a filter. 

dWa has the best blog, I would add her to your regular reading list! 

Don't forget about the give-away
Have a fabulous Saturday!


  1. Your mug is so pretty! and I agree, waking up slowly on a leisurely Saturday morning is the best!

    1. I agree it is so darling :)
      Rebecca Elizabeth

    2. Thank you! I received it as a gift from one of my sisters for Christmas! I love it, my coffee is always at the perfect temperature!