15 October 2014

Tips on Dealing with Homesickness

Homesickness has been my biggest obstacle while I've been in Spain. Learning the language, and adapting to the new eating schedule has been a whole lot easier than missing my family and friends back home. (While I miss MB, the unfortunate reality of our relationship is that we aren't used to seeing each other that often, so Spain isn't all that different)

Here are some tips on how to deal with homesickness, whether you're abroad for a time period or living away from home for the first time, I hope these tips will help you!

1. Allow yourself to be homesick: Homesickness is natural, so don't suppress your feelings. Allow yourself to wallow for 15 minutes. After that change what you're doing. Concentrate on a task or watch your favorite show.

2. Get out: Get out of your room or apartment. Meet up with friends and go shopping or sightseeing. Sitting in your room is probably the worst thing you could possibly do. Make the new place your in one of your homes.

3. Don't cut yourself off from your friends and family back home: I don't advise spending every waking moment that you aren't in class or at a job talking to friends back home, but don't cut yourself off. Schedule time to talk to your family and friends, and keep a semblance of your normal schedule. I still all MB some nights before I go to bed, which gives some sort of normalcy to my new life abroad.

4. Realize that you will see your family & friends again: This is not a permanent situation. You will see your loved ones again. This new experience is going to show you how strong you are, and give you confidence. You will make new friends in your new home, and when it comes time to leave you will miss your time in your new home.

5. Bring special belongings: Make sure to bring pictures and even a special keepsake with you. It will make your new place a little more familiar and help you remember your loved ones.

The most important part to remember about homesickness is that it's natural, but it's not natural to let it consume you. These are times when you find what you're made of. I have every confidence  that you are strong and capable.


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  1. Great post - it's my fifth year away from home and I still occasionally get homesick.

    Mina | Cream Coloured Ponies