19 November 2014

Fall Semester Finals Survival Guide

Honestly finals are tough for more than just academic purposes. They're so close to Christmas, and you usually don't have that much time in between Thanksgiving and the start of finals to do much. You're worried about packing for home, seeing you friends, buying Christmas presents and more. Here is how I get through finals!

Packing & Christmas
Packing during your study breaks! Bring home pjs, whatever clothes are appropriate for your climate and what you'll need for holiday parties!

When it comes to gifts start a list of who you need to buy for and when you'll give it to them. Next start a list of what you should get them. Decided before you leave for Thanksgiving break so that you have time to shop while your at home (in your pjs if you prefer to online shop like me!)

Make sure you know what projects and papers you have to do before you leave for Thanksgiving break! Create a study plan like you did for your mid-terms before you leave so you come back to school somewhat organized.

Not unlike mid-terms, make sure you start a week before. However you might be covering more material than last time. Allocate for that.

Some people may have papers or projects in place of a final, or both. Make sure to be on track with papers and projects before you leave also.

Study like you would any other test, using note cards for vocab and concepts. Highlight important concepts or facts in your notes.

Make sure that you take a deep breath and remember that while school is important, it does not define your worth!

What do you do differently during finals? What are you most excited for during winter break?


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