14 November 2014

Young, but I'm not that Bold

After seeing One Republic this summer I've been a little lot obsessed with them. One of their bigger songs is Counting Stars, and one of the lyrics that tend to stick out to me is "young, but I'm not that bold". I guess that's how I feel about myself, because I am normally unable to take a jump unless I have weighed all the risks of falling.

I used to think that this meant I was "an old soul", that I was unable to be bold and I would probably go through life just taking calculated risks. However this week I realized there are different types of bold.

I'm bold in the fact that I go after what I want. I started a blog with absolutely no knowledge or confidence in my writing. I decided to start a chapter of a nationally acclaimed public relations organization in order to help my job prospects and the job prospects of my friends after college. I decided to study abroad even though I was literally terrified.

You can be bold too. You can cold call a business and ask for an internship, or boldly ask out that special someone. bold doesn't mean being reckless, it means realizing the consequences of an action and doing it. It means not letting certain traditions, people, or your age stand in your way.

I hope that you realize that your talents deserve your actions to be bold.  Go out this weekend and do something you've always wanted to do, or take the steps to start a new project, apply for a coveted internship or a school you aren't sure that you want to get into.

Be Bold 


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  1. It's so funny you say that! I actually got to see One Republic earlier this year too, and I've been thinking the about that lyric - "Young, but I'm not that bold". It's just stood out to me since the first time I heard Counting Stars. I love the way you describe being bold - it's so thought provoking and inspirational! I love the idea that bold can take may shapes and forms ^_^