01 January 2015

Goals for the 2015

Well 2014 was quite a year, but as 2015 is my last year as an undergrad, I have a couple of things I want to accomplish before I graduate and enter the real world.

1// Volunteer 100 hours: I plan on volunteering a total of 100 hours of the next year with my sorority, my family and on my own. I want to start giving back to communities that have given me so much.

2// Record daily what I'm thankful for: When I'm stressed out I can easily forget how much I actually have. This next year is going to be full of last moments and big changes, and recording my blessings will help keep everything in perspective. I plan on buying a small yearly calendar just for this.

3// Create a healthy, maintainable lifestyle: As I enter actual adulthood, I want to start off with healthy habits such as a weekly workout schedule and healthy eating habits. I want to tone up and maintain a goal body weight. This isn't about significant weight loss, but rather creating a healthy environment for my body. Stay tuned for my progress reports!

4// Create a personal to-do system: Once again, being successful in adulthood I really need a personal to-do system. For work and my personal life this will be critical. I'll be sure to have a post on creating your own system.

5//Budget and save better: I have budgets, and I try to save but I'm honestly really bad at it. Instead of spreading purchases out, I buy things in big chunks and then wait for weeks to be able to again. I am going to create an Excel spreadsheet, and stick to it for the next 6 months, then reevaluate. There will be a post on that too.

6// Take and print more pictures: Pictures are worth a thousand words, and there are some moments I wish I would have documented, or not deleted because I didn't like the way I looked. When I'm 40 I want to be able to look back at pictures and realize how much I lived.

7// Write more letters and thank you notes: There is something about the written word that I love. I want to write more cards to my friends, and thank you notes to people who deserve it.

8// Work on my writing and graphic design skills: I want to write more articles, and start really learning how to do graphic design. If that means paying for a service or signing up for classes, I'm ready to commit to learning.

What are your goals for 2015? Anything you want to see more of one the blog?

Good health, fun times and blessings for 2015!


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