04 January 2015

How to Keep Your New Year's Goals & Resolutions

It's been 4 days since the start of 2015, how are your goals/resolutions coming along? Have you actually planned anything?

Here are some great tips on how to keep your goals/ resolutions.

1// What do you want to accomplish? Make a generalized goal. It can be anything from my "budget and save better" goal or "create a healthy lifestyle". Choose something that you want to change.

2// Write it down.  Create a document or a page that you can hang somewhere that you'll see it everyday. Make it pretty too, so the document will catch your eye.

Loving this gold and dark purple for my goals! 

3// Make mini goals or steps to your general goal. I had a generalized goal, and then came up with steps and mini goals to get me to the overall goal. This makes you goal look more attainable.

Here is how I decided to 

4// Schedule a check in time after 21 days. Research shows that if you continue something for 21 days, it becomes a habit. Pick a start day, then count out 3 weeks after that and mark it for a check in. Then schedule check in's every couple of months in case you get off track.

5// It's okay to be flexible, but don't underestimate yourself.  Understand that goals can be changed, but don't stop because it's hard. Be kind to yourself but believe in yourself too.

Do you have a goals or resolutions? Comment below or link up! I'd love to hear about your goals and resolutions, and follow your journey!


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