30 January 2015

The Best of 2014

Public relations had a great year, and a not so great year. There were a lot of social media disasters, #myNYPD, but there were some amazing campaigns.

One of the best in my opinion was #LikeaGirl. This was a campaign by Always, a feminine products brand. Their video was eye opening and helped to create conversation about the connotation we give to words associated with being female.

As a #GirlBoss and feminist, this campaign was great. When you look at this from a public relations standpoint, Always reached out the its consumer and empowered them. Most women need their products and by uplifting their daughters, friends, sisters and mothers. They stood up for their consumers and made a statement. They made Americans stops and think for a minute about what "like a girl" meant. 

Many people say "like a girl" (even myself) to refer to a motion in sports that was done loosely or badly. This video shows everybody that it's not something we are born inherently believing females are bad at sports. Young girls show us that they can run, throw and hit "like a girl" better than you can "like a boy". 

This was also a great campaign in terms of combining television and social media. They aired #LikeAGirl commercials but also used Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to further their message. It was just one of many pro-female campaigns this past year, but in my opinion this may have been the most brilliant for a brand. Uplifting your primary consumers is brilliant and a great way of doing business. 

Brava Always. 

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