31 January 2015

Everyday Pearls: Weekly Recap January 31st

Happy Weekend! I decided to start a new weekly series called Everyday Pearls. Looking back on posts I realized I tend to do huge everyday photo dumps every couple months or so. This is a way to prevent that, and hopefully y'all will like it!

I moved in to my new apartment this past weekend. It's definitely been an adjustment, but I'm so happy to be living with one of my best friends. I'm almost done putting my room together, I just MB to do a couple things when he visits next week!
Sneak peak!

Transitioning back to Green Bay has been a lot more rocky than I expected. I basically stepped away from my life in Green Bay for 8 months, and coming back has been really emotional. Things are similar, and they are very different. Thank goodness for my sisters though. 

I open at my job 4 days a week, so I've been creating my morning & night routines. Look for a post coming soon on how I structured my mornings and nights! 

Thursday night my roomie JP, one of our other sisters and I headed to the Brad Paisley concert at the Resch Center in Green Bay!
CC (A new sister), JP & I!

Oh Hey Parmalee

If you get the chance to go to a Brad Paisley Concert, DO IT. Easily one of the best shows I've been to. 

My Friday night was pretty boring, I wrote some posts, did some homework and watched the new Shonda shows. 

Can't believe that this is what my planner looks like during the first week of school. What happened to syllabus week?

This weekend I'm picking up some extra shifts at work, catching up with sisters and getting ahead on my reading. 

How many weeks have you been at school? I'm not nearly as ready as I thought I was to be in four upper level courses! 


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