09 January 2015

You Might Be a Communications Major If...

You might be a communications major  or a public relations major or a journalism major if any of these make sense to you!

1. Group projects are either your best friend or your worst nightmare.

2. Most of your friends and family don't understand why you like Twitter so much.

3. You have around 9 or more news apps on your phone.

4. Exam week isn't nearly as bad as the two weeks of projects and presentations leading up to it.

5. Textbooks aren't nearly as important as they seem.

6. Explaining what you want to do as a career to relatives seems pointless at times.

7. The AP Style book is your best friend, until the next edition comes out.

8. You get a rush while finishing a assignment at the last minute.

9. Your social media strategies class is frighteningly enlightening.

10. Your semester is full of group project meetings, internships and finishing assignments at the last minute.

11. "So you're basically a marketing major right?"

12. You're the first person your friends and family ask to explain the latest news story.

13. You start to question the last 12 years of your education when asked to do a simple math problem.

14. You edit friends' papers in AP Style.

15. You're really glad your elementary school teacher was wrong when she said you wouldn't be able to carry around a calculator in your pocket.

16. You always seem to have coffee in your hand, or on your way to get more coffee.

17.  No matter how stressful and crazy it may seem, you love your major and couldn't imagine doing anything else.

A special shout out to @ThomasScearce for the helping me come up with some of these!

Would you add any to the list?


1 comment:

  1. These are great! Haha most of these apply to me and the struggle is real!