07 February 2015

Everyday Pearls: Weekly Recap February 1st

Whoo I can't believe it's Friday night already. I thought that this week would drag on because MB just arrived for the first time to visit me in Green Bay! I was super excited on Monday and thought that this week would take forever. But I am learning that this rarely happens, and since I'm so busy it normally flies by. 

Monday I applied for a lot of internships! If you know of any internship opportunities in Boston, please let me know! If you're looking for internship application organization, check out this post!

Tuesday was crazy busy. We had our first campus snowfall since I've been back, and I realized how much I will miss my campus when I graduate at the end of this (calendar) year.

Wednesday was our club fair on campus! I love sitting at my sorority's booth because we get to hang out with the fraternities too since we all sit together. This was my first time seeing a lot of the fraternity men, and it was fun catching up. Wednesdays are long, but I also went out to half-apps at Applebees with my sisters. It's one of my favorite traditions, and I loved being able to catch up with my sisters outside of the meeting! 
Our booth!

 My little! So excited to be back at it with her! 

Thursday my roommate JP & I did a Target run, complete with Starbucks (of course). It's one of our favorite traditions, and I picked up some really great things for my apartment! We decided that we would only make Target runs together once a month, because it never ends well for our wallets. 

Here are a few of the items I picked up!

Friday I had class and worked, but I was really proud of myself because it's the second week in a row I worked out 3 times! It's quite the accomplishment for me, and I'm really noticing the positive differences of working out more! 

Friday my sorority baby (daughter) came over for dinner! I haven't seen her in months and I really missed her. She graduated in December, and I'm so proud of her! A couple of my other sisters came over after we had dinner so they could meet MB. 
MB and I are hanging out now as I update my post!

How was your week? Where are you looking for internships?

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