23 March 2015

How to Handle Having a Younger Sister & a Sorority Little

I'm the first one in my family to go greek, and it definitely hasn't been that easy. Especially trying to explain my sorority little to my younger sister. We have a rocky relationship, which is to be expected due to our age and personality differences. Here are my best tips on how to deal make the most of both relationships.

Make time for each sister// Make a point of spending time with each sorority family member. Get pedicures, go shopping, see a movie or even just watch Netflix together. Make time for your littles and daughter, making sure to have traditions so that you can bond as well! It's all about making each person feel important and letting them know how much you care!

Take time to explain the differences// Explain to your younger sister the differences between your sorority family and your real one. It may take a couple of times to completely explain the roles especially if greek life is new for your family.

Highlight the positives of each relationship// With your younger sister you have years of family memories, and an understanding of familial relationships. You have someone who you spend holidays with and familial traditions. With your sorority family you have precious college memories, similar values and a peer who understands what you are experiencing. You have someone who understands how truly special your sorority is, and can share in your frustrations, accomplishments and events!

It can be a little bit tricky, but with a little bit of effort you will hopefully have even better relationships with everyone involved!


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