21 March 2015

Everyday Pearls

Y'all it's been a rough couple of weeks, I won't lie. Le blog had to be de prioritized unfortunately. Here is what I've been up to during midterms and my spring break!

MB's formal was the weekend in the middle of midterms, but the drive down to Des Moines was totally worth it. Des Moines makes me fall in love a little more every time I visit. Since it was so nice out on Saturday we went to get cupcakes and for a walk around a lake in Des Moines. It was really beautiful.

The next week was full of Starbuck's work sessions and lots of late nights. Thank god for my best friend JP, we had a great stress relieving night Thursday before I left to go home for the weekend.

The weekend was spent celebrating my little sister's 14th birthday (where has the time gone?). MB came home and spent the afternoon with my family on Sunday celebrating AJV & watching the Badgers beat Michigan State to take a number one seat in the NCAA dance! On Wisconsin!

Monday morning MB & I drove up to Green Bay to spend a couple days on a mini vacay! We visited Lambeau Field and took blog pics with my roomie. It wasn't too glamorous, just a lot of House of Cards, Girl Scout cookies and relaxing. We went bowling with JP and I beat Matt one game, and barely passed 50 points the second!

Wednesday we drove home, and then left again that night to hang out with the other half of us KG & AD in Madison. We had a great time watching scary movies and enjoying AD's amazing brunch! Thursday we headed home for the rest of the week. I spent the rest of the day vegging and going shopping with my little sister.

Friday was spent applying for internships and writing blog posts (so excited y'all!)

Today I'm spending time with MB's family, and laundry! I think I might be sort of ready to head back to school tomorrow, but who knows!

On a more serious note, many of you may not know that my dad is actually a detective for our local police department. I couldn't be more proud of his more than twenty years of service. Please read this article on what it's like to be a police officer's child "Protected, but Scared"
This article echoes my thoughts almost exactly.

PS #Sorrynotsorry for all of the couply pictures. The past two weeks just have happened to be full of time for MB and I to see each other!


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