20 March 2015

Public Relations Friday: Classes I'm glad I took

Let me tell you there are a lot of classes I may or may not complain about taking sometimes. As a communications major I really don't understand the need for four science classes, but I digress. Here are classes I'm actually glad I took, even though they were pretty difficult for me.

Statistics// I took this my senior year of high school and the benefits have been numerous. First I feel like  think critically about statistics that are presented to me. This makes me more suspicious but more confident in my opinions. Second it has put me ahead in my classes. I'm normally the only one who understands what p means as well as the differences between a mean and mode. I've used statistics while analyzing surveys and creating communication plans as well as in my role as an intern. If you have the ability to, I recommend taking a statistics class!

Global Food & Nutrition// This was one of the science classes I had to take, and it was most definitely one of my favorite science classes of all time. (Which isn't saying much, it's a short list) This class opened my eyes to the problems in developing nations of our world, as well as in our own country. I now understand the importance of sustainable food practices and make choices accordingly.

Information Technologies// This is a class about how technology is adapted and used. While it can be a little too abstract for me, I have already found it useful. One of the ways it's been helpful is evaluating updates in technology, the costs and benefits of adoption of said technology as well as the importance of how rich the communication technology is. Well this sounds really complicated, it gives me the ability to critically think about new technologies, like the Apple Watch, and how they could benefit or cost a client.

What classes are you glad you took, even though you may have complained about them?

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